Monday, October 27, 2008

Spreading the word

I am starting this today and I am going to see how fast the word gets out. I am doing this to do something positive for my community. Because I am so tired of hearing nothing but negative about realestate.So I thought I would do this and see how fast the word got out,and no one wants a doom and gloom Realtor.

And I believe it will be fun for a family to do together. It reminded me of rolling but not a big mess.
Rhonda Smith
Re/Max Realty Centre

Friday, October 24, 2008

Saw a Ghost on my way to the store last night!!

I saw a Ghost hanging in a window last night on my way to the store.  It was so awesome!! I have never seen them in my town before.  I had to wonder who it came from?  It was neat to see that the "ghosts" are multiplying!!

Ghost It Forward

I posted the Ghost It Forward on my facebook page since I have all of my family from all over the United States on there.  They are all big Halloween fans; boy once I posted it I had so many messages about it.  They are all having their kids help them out and go around Ghosting It Forward.   They had never heard of it before, so it was something fun they could do with their kids.  They all promised they would send me what they did after they did it.  I should have many reports back on Monday. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Over 1,000 people

In less than a week, over 1,000 people have visited website and it seems many are Ghosting It Forward. Some people have posted videos on search for 'ghosting it forward'.

Big lesson learned. Do not assume everyone saw the movie Pay It Forward. Do not assume everyone has heard of ghosting. In fact, for people who had not known about Pay It Forward or ghosting, the idea is more powerful in some ways.

I wish we could have a few minute video of 10-15 second clips of all sorts of people showing what they are ghosting forward and why.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Share your own stories and add to blog

If you are reading this and have Ghosted or been Ghosted or ready to Ghosting It Forward, then pls share your ideas by posting to blog. See email address at top of blog or on Ghosting It Forward - for how to email and it posts on blog automagically. And, remember, everything is intertwingled.

Over 800 people

On random moment, shared Ghosting It Forward with Real Estate in 2008 authors. Website has been up only 3 days. Hope lots of kids are having some real fun and experiencing Pay It Forward via Ghosting It Forward. So how about some public place ghosting like street ghosting, subway ghosting, mailman ghosting, mall ghosting, etc.

Airplane ghosting

Ghosted a wonderful woman who had 3 young boys on airplane to salt lake city. She had never heard of Pay It Forward. Gave Ghosting It Forward instructions and huge Hersheys candy bar.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spooky Fun!

I did my "ghosting" tonight, and I felt like a kid again! For my ghosts, I choose to take white fabric, cut it out in 10 inch circles and drape large suckers to form ghosts.  I used orange ribbong to tie around the ghosts necks to give it a Fall Feel, and then attached the directions to the end of one side of the ribbon.  I "ghosted" 3 of my neighbors and hid in my house and watched them as they were surprised by their little treats.  Two of the Three already have their ghosts hanging from their houses.
What a great idea and wonderful experience for me!

Jennifer A Hartline
All men are driven by faith or fear - one or the other - for both are the same.  Faith or fear is the expectation of an event that hasn't come to pass or belief in something that cannot be seen or touched.  A man of fear lives always on the edge of insanity.  A man of faith lives in a perpetual reward.

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We have infiltrated the Government!!

My husband works for the State Government  as a caseworker and is Ghosting his co workers while they are out to lunch!! He is leaving a candy bar on their desk and a "ghost" on their monitor with the note and website info!!
State Government first and then on to the Fed's!!!

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Supermarket ghosting - candy bar

My first ghosting! How exciting! Bought 10 big hershey chocolate bars and told clerk to give one to each customer next in line. Tell them to Keep Ghosting It Forward and website name. Bad part is I don't get to see their reactions.

What a blast!

Like I said earlier, I do not celebrate Halloween...but I am having an absolute blast doing the Ghosting it forward!  I even started my own blog so I could post it there as well.  I already emailed my idea about "Ghosting" the NICU where my son was hospitalized for 50 days and the ideas just keep coming.  I have posted it on all the message boards I belong to and had the idea to keep a few extra bags in the car to give to the person in drive thru.  I know they have been shocked that someone was nice to them!!  I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am!

Wow over 600 people

Idea is only a few days old and 600 plus to website already. Keep Ghosting It Forward!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ghosting It Forward with Cub Scouts

I was looking for something for my cub scouts to do at their meeting this week.  We’re going Ghosting.  Well, we’ll make up the bags and the boys can Ghost on their way home with their adult partner.  I’m not sure exactly what is going in the bags as I will have to run to the store for a few ideas.  I hope the boys are as excited as I am!!!!


If you can’t tell, you’ve gotten me excited about this project.


Melony in VA


Sneaky very sneaky ...

If you are the parent of a elementary school aged boy then you know that playing "tricks" is ranks very high with this age group. This is especially true when Halloween rolls around. The nice thing about this age group is that for all the devilment they secretly desire they also have hearts that are equal in size. Ghosting It Forward is the perfect balance of "trick and treat" for my son. He is already planning the treats he wants to use and the ideal outfit for sneaking away from the "ghosting" scene unnoticed.

We just moved to a new neighborhood and are only beginning to get to know our new neighbors. Thus far everyone in the surrounding area has been so kind with offers of help and plates of cookies that we can't wait to return the kindness. Ghosting It Forward is exactly the way I prefer to offer an unexpected token of my thankfulness for great neighbors. Having lived in a less than friendly neighborhood prior to moving I know first hand how so many people take for granted a good neighbor.

We will be Ghosting It Forward this year not only to give my son the "trick and treat" his boyish spirit needs but also to express our thankfulness for our new home and the people who live in it.


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Ready to Go Ghosting

My kids and I are ready to ghost it forward. We picked out a ghost and the kids are glueing candy corns to the bags. I love the way they decorate!
We have decided we are gifting three of our neighbors with minature carved pumpkins. We are placing a assortment of minature collored glow sticks in the goodie bags as well, so the receiver can light up the pumpkin with the color of there choice.
I am touched that my children want to add more people to the list, instead of them thinking how much candy they are going to receive this Halloween
What a great way to outreach to friends and family as well as our community!
Have fun Ghosting!

Take Care,

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great idea!

   I would like to say I believe this is a wonderful idea. I will be doing this with my five children tonight and tomorrow night. We will be sending out a few cards to two sick little boys who have cancer and leaving a few goodies with the neighbors. What a great thing to come up with to send a little kindness in the world.
    Best Wishes,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Treat your friends to a positive spirit in these tricky times.

From D in Portland, OR


Why should we Ghost it Forward?

Why should we Ghost it Forward?


Imagine how it feels to find a small surprise at your front door, realizing that someone thought of you and wanted to bring a smile to your face.  Now, think about how it would feel to be the person who brings a smile to an entire neighborhood! 


Ghosting it Forward is about spreading positive thoughts and brightening someone’s day.  And the best part is - it multiplies!  You send a “Ghosting package” to three o f your friends and/or neighbors, and each will in turn send packages to three more people.  Quickly, this becomes a chain reaction of good will and feelings throughout your neighborhood and hopefully beyond.


Now you’ve accomplished two things:  You’ve made others feel good and you feel good about what you’ve done.  How often in our everyday lives do we get a chance like that?


What if I can’t afford to participate?


Ghosting it Forward is about thoughts, not expense.  Be creative!  Your ghost package can be anything from an email to a bag of goodies - maybe even a pumpkin!  The vision behind the Ghosting it Forward program is to spread something positive.  What is most important is that the Ghosting it Forward recipient will have a smile on their face, knowing that someone thinks about them and cares about how they feel.


Can I involve my children in the process?


Absolutely!  We encourage every parent to introduce this project to their children and work together with them to make the packages.  Not only is this a fun Halloween activity, but it’s also an opportunity to expose them to the endless rewards of giving something positive to another person.  They can help decide what goes into the package, write a poem to include, draw a ghost picture, decorate the bags, or even make a craft!


Help!  I want to participate, but I am NOT the creative type.  Can I still do this?


Again, absolutely!  You don’t have to be an artist, a poet, or master craftsperson to join in the fun.  All you have to do is give people the positive thoughts you have for them.  Try writing a direct and honest letter or email telling someone what you appreciate about them.  Remain anonymous if you like.  That person will still pick up that note and see that they make a difference in the world.  They’ll take it from there!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

3 Little girls couldn't be happier!

I have just printed of my ghosts and my kids are hitting the
neighborhood! We have decided to give 2 Carmel apples to each of the 3
people that we are ghosting. The kids thought that would be sure to
bring a smile to 'Anyones" face. They can wait to see who gets ghosted
next. What a great project to spread the holiday fun while showing kids
the true reason of doing this is to make others feel good, not for

Amy Schubert

Ghosting it Forward

We got the kids involved by letting them help choose the gift and who to give it to in the neighborhood. We wanted them to be part of the giving.


We decided on a small orange Halloween bucket with a ghost candle holder inside and a fake candle to light it all up. Not expensive and something that could be used again and again.


The girls are out ghosting as I type this email. They’re very enthusiastic about the activity.


Overall, it’s been a great experience and we’ve gotten joy in spreading some holiday joy.


What a great idea!


Deb Keene


Best Agent Business



Ghosting it Forward

I live in a neighborhood that is still under constructions. There are always people moving to this area, and in my neighborhood. I was able to get two $5.00 gift cards from Chile’s Restaurant (one for each family). Chile’s liked giving them b/c they knew it would get the family into the restaurant and they will definitely spend more than $5. And this will be my way of welcoming them to the neighborhood (even though it is anonymous).

I also did two other families besides the new residents. I bought cute Fall themed handtowels. I put them in a bag along with some Reese’s cups and my letter.

For each family I printed out a ghost that is holding a welcome sign. I edited the sign to say “Have a Boo-tiful Day”. I then taped the ghost to cardboard and cut it out and put an orange ribbon through it. I used the ribbon to tie the ghost to the goodie bag. Also, my instructions tell them to hang their ghost on their doorknob with the same ribbon.




Stephanie Avery

Key Assistant

Best Agent Business




Send a gift certificate code

An idea for virtually Ghosting It Forward via email could be sending a gift certificate code or a gift subscription to a service or club to someone as part of the gift package. And in addition to their gift, you could send them an e-card with a picture of a ghost along with a note or message, and instructions on how to Pay It Forward to someone else. To let others know if you, yourself, have been Ghosted, and in order to help spread the word, you could include a short note about it in your email signature, letting people know more about what this is, and if you in fact have already been Ghosted or not.


A Mturker is drawing a Ghost in middle of night...

Hope you like my ghost. my mom just caught me on her computer at 2:30 am and
now I am grounded till I'm 99 she says. I had fun making it for you.

Bloggers you Appreciate - Ghosting It Forward

Shannon had a great idea of Ghosting It Forward by posting comments or blogging about 3 bloggers whose ideas and energy you appreciate.



We got Ghost Drawings

People on Mturk,, are starting to submit Ghost Drawings.  If you go to Mturk and search for HITs with Lifebushido, you will see GIF HITs in process.

Let's start Ghosting It Forward

Blog is started on Saturday morning 10/18/2008. Idea launched to Ishidos on 10/17/2008 and website started. This will be blog as project goes of internal progress and stream of ideas from people Ghosting It Forward.