Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ghosting it Forward

I live in a neighborhood that is still under constructions. There are always people moving to this area, and in my neighborhood. I was able to get two $5.00 gift cards from Chile’s Restaurant (one for each family). Chile’s liked giving them b/c they knew it would get the family into the restaurant and they will definitely spend more than $5. And this will be my way of welcoming them to the neighborhood (even though it is anonymous).

I also did two other families besides the new residents. I bought cute Fall themed handtowels. I put them in a bag along with some Reese’s cups and my letter.

For each family I printed out a ghost that is holding a welcome sign. I edited the sign to say “Have a Boo-tiful Day”. I then taped the ghost to cardboard and cut it out and put an orange ribbon through it. I used the ribbon to tie the ghost to the goodie bag. Also, my instructions tell them to hang their ghost on their doorknob with the same ribbon.




Stephanie Avery

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