Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why should we Ghost it Forward?

Why should we Ghost it Forward?


Imagine how it feels to find a small surprise at your front door, realizing that someone thought of you and wanted to bring a smile to your face.  Now, think about how it would feel to be the person who brings a smile to an entire neighborhood! 


Ghosting it Forward is about spreading positive thoughts and brightening someone’s day.  And the best part is - it multiplies!  You send a “Ghosting package” to three o f your friends and/or neighbors, and each will in turn send packages to three more people.  Quickly, this becomes a chain reaction of good will and feelings throughout your neighborhood and hopefully beyond.


Now you’ve accomplished two things:  You’ve made others feel good and you feel good about what you’ve done.  How often in our everyday lives do we get a chance like that?


What if I can’t afford to participate?


Ghosting it Forward is about thoughts, not expense.  Be creative!  Your ghost package can be anything from an email to a bag of goodies - maybe even a pumpkin!  The vision behind the Ghosting it Forward program is to spread something positive.  What is most important is that the Ghosting it Forward recipient will have a smile on their face, knowing that someone thinks about them and cares about how they feel.


Can I involve my children in the process?


Absolutely!  We encourage every parent to introduce this project to their children and work together with them to make the packages.  Not only is this a fun Halloween activity, but it’s also an opportunity to expose them to the endless rewards of giving something positive to another person.  They can help decide what goes into the package, write a poem to include, draw a ghost picture, decorate the bags, or even make a craft!


Help!  I want to participate, but I am NOT the creative type.  Can I still do this?


Again, absolutely!  You don’t have to be an artist, a poet, or master craftsperson to join in the fun.  All you have to do is give people the positive thoughts you have for them.  Try writing a direct and honest letter or email telling someone what you appreciate about them.  Remain anonymous if you like.  That person will still pick up that note and see that they make a difference in the world.  They’ll take it from there!


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