Monday, October 20, 2008

Sneaky very sneaky ...

If you are the parent of a elementary school aged boy then you know that playing "tricks" is ranks very high with this age group. This is especially true when Halloween rolls around. The nice thing about this age group is that for all the devilment they secretly desire they also have hearts that are equal in size. Ghosting It Forward is the perfect balance of "trick and treat" for my son. He is already planning the treats he wants to use and the ideal outfit for sneaking away from the "ghosting" scene unnoticed.

We just moved to a new neighborhood and are only beginning to get to know our new neighbors. Thus far everyone in the surrounding area has been so kind with offers of help and plates of cookies that we can't wait to return the kindness. Ghosting It Forward is exactly the way I prefer to offer an unexpected token of my thankfulness for great neighbors. Having lived in a less than friendly neighborhood prior to moving I know first hand how so many people take for granted a good neighbor.

We will be Ghosting It Forward this year not only to give my son the "trick and treat" his boyish spirit needs but also to express our thankfulness for our new home and the people who live in it.


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